When You Shouldn't Follow the Diet Perfectly

Have you ever felt the need to be perfect on a plant-based diet?  Or for that matter, any diet? 

Have you ever felt that if you weren't eating perfectly, to the exact diet recommendations, that you were a failure… that you were just off the diet and couldn't do it?

Today I explain why not eating perfectly, to 100% of the recommendations, can be okay AND how straying from diet guidelines can actually help you stay on course.

Today's episode made me think of a recent client, Linda Floyd, age 57, accountant and now dear friend. 

Linda came to me feeling defeated.  She wanted to lose 100 pounds but the scale hadn't moved for her in years and she also has hypothyroidism.

After meeting for an hour and 30 days of bonus email support, Linda kicked butt!  She followed my recommendations to a 'T' -- 100%, never straying.  She was determined and with her adherence, saw amazing results and quick.  

Linda lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks and her TSH reading came back "better than ever" all while her hubby continued to eat ice-cream and junk on the daily.

So why does not eating 'plant perfect' remind me of Linda?

Well, a few days after she emailed me with her inspiring results, she fell down the stairs and broke her ankle!  

Linda's loving, and helpful hubby is now assisting her which is wonderful, buuut Linda can't eat 'plant perfect' anymore and that's okay!

What I want for Linda and for YOU to remember, is that when you have a set back, an emotionally taxing life-experience or you just feel deprived, it is OK to eat to 70% or 80% of my recommendations to get you through the tough time.  

This is sooo much better than completely giving up and reverting to your old eating habits.  

I've been there, Linda's been there, you've been there and we'll all continue to have ups and downs that affect our diets.

That being said, if you are someone who needs to eat 'plant perfect' -- you have advanced heart disease or cancer for example, then eat plant perfect.  You have little wiggle room.  This is not an excuse for you to eat high-fat, oily food.  

Plant perfect or not, here are over 20 Thanksgiving recipes on my Pinterest board that are all oil, dairy and sugar free.  The list will keep getting bigger too!

I'd like to send Linda a huge wishing you well.  Please send some love Linda's way in whichever way you can (and to my Gammy too -- she's 85 and just broke her ankle too!).

Now I'd love to hear from you...

Take Control Now

Have you ever felt deprived on a plant-based diet?  What was your experience like and what did you do about it?

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