How to Get Your Husband to Eat Healthier

Whether your husband is dealing with type II diabetes, chronic knee pain or just a big ol’ gut, you know he would be happier, live longer, have a greater sex drive and wouldn’t be in such pain if he would just eat healthier!

What makes it even worse is that sometimes his unhealthy habits rub off on you, so you really want to change him!

How do you get him to change his habits and eat healthier -- more whole plant food and less refined and animal foods?

This question can be answered in just two words... stop trying.

He has to want to do it on his own.  It’s unfortunate, but the people we are closest to and love most are often, the most difficult to help.  

If you nag or nudge him constantly to change his ways, you run the risk of pushing him away... turning him off from eating healthy all together.

The most effective thing you can do is work towards optimal health yourself.  Set a positive example for him and don’t make any comments to him on your journey like “see I can do it, you should do it too” or anything along those lines.

Once you adopt a whole-foods, plant-based diet and begin working (or should I say eating) towards that, you’ll begin to lose weight (without calorie restriction) and it’s likely you’ll lose 1-3 pounds per week.  

Your skin may also improve, your energy will increase, you may become a calmer, less grumpy or depressed person, reduce or eliminate your medication and you may feel sexier.  All while you’re eating loads of delicious food and not restricting how much you eat.

Your hubby will notice your amazing results... he’ll see how quickly and deliciously positive changes will come and this will inspire him to start eating healthy on his own.

And if it doesn't, eating like crap is his choice -- a choice you'll have to accept.  Just remember that taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for him and your children.

                Take Control Now Question

Have you ever damaged a relationship or pushed people away from ‘food preaching’?  Have you successfully inspired a friend to change their habits from setting a positive example?

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