How to Navigate the Health Care System: Book Recommendation

I know you know diet is important… and hell yes it is, I'll always be the first one to promote that, but many times diet alone is not the cure all end all, especially if you're already sick.

Other factors such as stress management, proper sleep and optimal exercise are essential for good health, but so is something else… knowing how to navigate the health care system.

It's incredibly unfortunate, but evidence shows that many of the promoted diagnostic procedures and standardized treatment of care can be more harmful than beneficial or sometimes completely useless.

Additionally, the over-perscription of medications is astronomical and not only is it expensive, but commonly prescribed drugs have endless lists of side-effects that can even be deadly and doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs as the primary defense against disease.  It's going to be much harder for you to lose weight if you're taking 2-5 medications that promote weight-gain and cause other side-effects simultaneously.

And I'm sure you've already had frustrating experiences in the health care system and I know you know it's important to be able to navigate it to better protect your health.

And I'll tell you just the person that can help you do that.

Dr. Pam Popper, Owner of The Wellness Forum, a friend, mentor and one of the most intelligent, hard-working and successful women I know, reviews the science behind common medical tests and treatments so you can learn their risks versus benefits in her newest book 'Food Over Medicine.'

Dr. Popper also provides excellent advice on how to find knowledgable practitioners and how to talk with health care professionals so you can better take control of your health.

Dr. Popper has been one of the most influential and motivational women in my life and that's partly because her understanding of and commitment to the science to help people gain great health is truly exceptional.

I highly recommend you read her latest book 'Food Over Medicine.'

Take Control Now

What frustrating experiences have you endured in the current health care system or working with doctors?