4 Healthy Grocery Store and Deli Meals

There's an organic market close to my new home in Columbia, SC that I really appreciate -- The Rosewood Market.  They have plenty of healthy vegan pre-made meals which is great when I'm in a pinch.

They serve seasoned rice n' beans with steamed veggies and gravy, lentil loafs, falafel wraps and the list goes on. 

However, not all markets and grocery stores have pre-made, plant-based meals -- the healthy meals you're trying to eat when you're on the go.

Have no fear though -- there's many things you can still eat at markets and grocery stores, you just have to think about it a little bit differently.  And trust me -- I've traveled a lot and lived in many different cities throughout the world and made eating healthy in all of them (I got healthier through all the travel!).  If I can do it, I have no doubt you can do it too.

Here's 4 tips you can implement to eat healthy, pre-made vegan meals at your local market or deli even if they don't really offer them.

1.  Salad Bar - I loved the salad bar at the Giant grocery store (a typical grocery store) when I was visiting my parents in Pennsylvania.  This was an easy way for me to get loads of veggies in my belly and they had such a variety!  I loaded my spring mix with roasted red peppers (not in oil), artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, red onion and red pepper with a side of pickles.  I drizzled it with red wine vinegar and seasoned with black pepper.  

To make a salad more filling, be sure to add plenty of beans and buy a bag of 100% whole wheat pitas and you have yourself a quick and delicious meal.

2.  Sushi and Spring Rolls - when I shopped at Wegman's grocery store in Pennsylvania and Roth's grocery store in Oregon, I'd pick-up spring rolls and veggie sushi.  

Spring rolls are generally filled with avocado, lettuce, carrots and cucumber with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.  The sushi is a bit more filling as it has rice with different veggies inside.  Another great option.

3.  Boxed Soups - there's plenty of oil-free, vegan box soups that are available at most grocery stores.  Dr. McDougall is one brand although there are plenty others.  Be sure to check the ingredients and the percentage of calories from fat to ensure you're eating the cleanest product.

4.  Go to a store that has what you need - when you know you're in the area of a store such as Whole Foods that serves oil-free vegan to-go meals, stop there.  It may be more expensive, but not always and it can be worth it.

Take Control Now

What's your go-to healthy vegan grocery store/deli meal?  

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