What I believe and why I do what I do

There's a reason I've been sending Take Control Tuesday emails since 2013.  I want to see you succeed and I want you to know the truth about what's possible for your health.

I want to see you improve your health because I know you can.  I know results are possible that, at some point in time, maybe you didn't know existed.

You're probably use to hearing me say that heart disease can be reversed by diet and exercise.  Both Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn have published their intervention studies reversing America's number one killer.  

But, I want you think back to a time when you didn't know this.  Back when you didn't know that type II diabetes was reversible, or when you didn't know that weight loss is possible by actually eating more food.  

Before you knew it was possible to get off cholesterol meds or reverse cancer what did you think about your health destiny?  Did you think you were destined for type II diabetes because your dad died of it?  Did you think you had to just finally get good at eating less to get your body and health back to what it looked like when you had your first child?

This is one reason why I do what I do and why Trisha's Healthy Table exists.

Myself and the Trisha's Healthy Table team, want you and and everyone else to know, that the scientific evidence, for decades, has been showing that diet has such a profound impact on health.  

Even if you don't want to do anything with this information, even if you have zero desire to attempt any of the beneficial lifestyle changes, that's totally fine.  That's you're decision.  But what I'm not okay with, is restricting this information from you or anyone else.  I won't ever restrict the optimal evidence based on an assumption that you or anyone can't or won't make a change, especially a plant-based one.  Doctors do this.  Leading health agencies and pharmaceutical companies do this too.  I think that's crap and that's not what we're about.  

We also believe (we know) that healthy, plant-based food can taste freakin' phenomenal.  We want people to know that eating healthy, plant based food doesn't taste like tree bark and that it can taste just as good or better, than traditional American food.  

We believe everyone should have access to eating these meals whether you're making them at home, or having someone else cook them for you.   

We believe you have the right to know this information exists -- that plant-based food tastes great and you can learn how to cook it, and eat it, in a way you can love.  

That's it.  That's why we're here.

Now I want to hear your thoughts.  Here's what I want to know...

1.  How has knowing this evidence changed your life?  
2.  What frustrates you most about the ignorance or restricting of plant-based nutrition evidence to prevent and reverse certain chronic diseases?

Let me know my clicking 'comment' below.  

We're in this for you.  We're rooting for you.  You can do this.

Love and Leafy Greens,