A free gift for you -- my free Plant-Based Nutrition Resource Guide

Because you're so awesome and because I care about everyone having access to life-saving health and nutrition information (it's unfortunate you most likely won't get these resources from your doctor), I've put together a new and improved free Plant-Based Nutrition Resource Guide with 30 of the best and my favorite resources for learning how to eat more fruits and veggies and regain your health without pushing the plate away.  

Find this gift, my Plant-Based Nutrition Resource Guide, here at www.TrishaMandes.com simply by entering your first name and email above, and you'll get this awesome info sent directly to your email inbox. Yay!

It contains 30 of my favorite cookbooks, recipe websites, nutrition information websites and books for learning the science and lifestyle skills behind optimal health without restriction.  And yes, eating healthy can be very delicious and these resources will show you how too!

In today's Take Control Tuesday video, I introduce you to the Resource Guide and ask you to take action now.  It's one thing to have all these awesome resources at your finger tips, but it's another to actually do something with them!  So today, I want you to...

  1. Sign-up for email updates above and get The Guide sent directly to your email inbox.  Do this right now.  
  2. Then, download the attached free Resource Guide.
  3. When you have 15-30 minutes to yourself, I want you to open it and spend time reviewing and researching the 30+ resources I have for you.  Then..
  4. I want you to do the Take Control Now Challenge:  I want you to purchase or rent one of the cookbooks or books from the Guide OR, pick one new recipe to try from the recommended websites.  
  5. Once you do that, report back!  Tell me and our other readers your insights and what you learned or tasted no matter what the outcome! Scroll down below the video and click 'comment' to share your thoughts.

Love and Leafy Greens,