How to Peel and Cut a Mango

Do you never buy mangoes because you don't know how to peel them?  Or, do you buy them and then they go bad because you don't know an easy way to eat them?

Mangoes are very sweet so they're great to always have in the kitchen when you're craving treats.  Unless, you don't know how to peel them.

Today, I show you how to easily peel and cut a mango is this two minute and thirty second video. 

It's easy!  Here's the peeler we use in the video too.  It's Chef Erik's, from Trisha's Healthy Table, favorite peeler ($10 for 3 of them). Now I'd love to hear from you....

Take Control Now Question

Do you have a different way to peel mangoes that works even better?  We'd love to hear!  Or, what holds you back from buying or eating mangoes?

Click 'comment' below to answer.