The easiest way to know if you're working-out hard enough to benefit from it

In today's episode I share the easiest and most cost-effective way to know if you're working out hard enough to benefit from your exercise.

But first, remember that if you have 70+ pounds to lose, exercise is NOT the most effective and important tool in your tool box to start losing 1-3 pounds a week. Exercise is more important to improve your mood, energy, sleeping better and the list of exercise benefits goes on.

It's a lot easier to start exercising and hard enough, once you're already feeling better from eating optimally and having lost some weight.  Once you're there or are ready to work on exercise, keep this easy, fun and evidence-based (1) tool in your pocket to ensure you're maximizing your workouts...

Once you've watched, answer today's Take Control Now question....

"What exercise will you do this week to use the talk test?"

Tell me in the comments so I can hold you accountable 😉

Love and Leafy Greens,


P.S. Here's today's reference 1.