How Ginny Maintained Weight Loss for 1.5 Years with Trisha

This is one of the most inspiring and motivating clients I’ve ever worked with…

Ginny Padgett overcame the loss of her husband, the challenges of a disability and more, while creating a sustainable lifestyle change to drop from a dress size of 22 to 14.

Ginny decided to invest in losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way when she joined my intensive coaching program in September, 2017.

It’s been 1.5 years since she originally joined and she’s still eating optimally and going strong.

Today she’s sharing her story which includes…

  • Why she invested in joining my program even when her husband, who was dying of cancer, didn’t agree with her (very valuable lesson here!).

  • How eating and exercising optimally has been her foundation for avoiding living in an assisted living facility and

  • All of the results she achieved even when her exercise and mobility were highly limited.

Ginny is living proof that you CAN achieve your health and weight goals to live your best life even if…

  • exercise is near impossible.

  • your husband doesn’t approve or agree with your decision.

  • you’re not working and your partner makes all the money.

Watch her story here…

One of the most valuable lessons Ginny shared about her experience was…

“I decided I was worth doing this for. I was worth the investment.”

You have to believe in yourself and that your dream is worth achieving no matter if you have kids or if you husband doesn’t agree with you.

No one, has the right to tell you what to or not to do. No one.

It saddens me how many women I speak with on the phone, who desperately want to join my coaching program, don’t for this reason…

They can’t and won’t make a decision for themselves.

They leave it up to their husband or feel so guilty that they won’t end their 20 years of struggle.

Watch Ginny’s inspiring interview and then answer today’s Take Control Now question in the comments…

Take Control Now Question

What’s the most inspiring part of Ginny’s story to you? Do you believe that you have the right to make your own decisions about how your reach your health dreams even if your husband doesn’t agree?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

Get educated, get support and take control. You can get the healthy body you deserve.

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