3 ways to eat plant-based when you don't want to cook and food tastes boring.  

I was inspired by a friend for today's blog.  Dr. Swann Adams (our amazing Scientific Adviser) had a tough week sticking with her plant-based diet.  If you remember, Dr. Swann recently reversed her type II diabetes (hellz yea!) and she wants to keep it that way.  But this week was a tough one for Swann...   

The reason I'm inspired by Swann though, is not because she struggled this week (although I admire her openness in sharing it because we all struggle). 

I'm inspired by how Swann looked those challenges in the eyes and kicked their asses.  She stayed on track with her plant-based diet, and amongst her challenges, she even lost another 1.5 pounds.  In a week.  

And no, she didn't just stop eating to do it.  She continued eating plant-based, without portion control.  In addition to her HbA1c reverting to a normal level, Dr. Swann has now lost 28 pounds in 17 weeks.  Let me get a "hellz yeah sister Swann!"   

How did Dr. Swann stick with it when she didn't feel like cooking and her meals just weren't appetizing?  That's exactly what I'm sharing with you today -- 3 ways to eat plant-based when you don't want to cook and food tastes boring.  

Swann didn't stay on track and continue to improve her health by luck.  She put the work in, made the effort and we want to share those tools with you today.


3 ways to eat plant-based when you don't want to cook and food tastes boring

1.  Have a friend or family member cook for your kids (or you).

Swann did.  Her mom is well aware of Swann's dietary needs and how important making long-term plant-based changes is for Swann (she attended our Take It Back training and learned the recommendations for herself).  So, when Swann needed a break in the kitchen, she asked for help (it's a lot easier to get help if you ask for it.  This is an important skill to have).  Her mom cooked for her kids so she could rest easy.

This is another reason why it's so important to tell friends and family about your vegan diet changes.  They can help you!  Even if you don't have supportive family, make a pact with a friend to help one another.  They can cook for you (or your kids) and you'll always be there for them when they're in need.


2.  Have a professional cook you healthy, vegan meals.

Swann did.  She asked Erik and I to make her a tray of lasagna and meatballs.  Did we?  Absolutely!  Erik's the Executive Chef for Trisha's Healthy Table so he knows how to make healthy, plant-based taste dang delicious.  And Swann agreed...

"I had the lasagna last night and I went to bed singing sweet Erik praises.  Man that man can cook!"

If you're in South Carolina, you can get our healthy meals to-go in your kitchen now too!  We're offering meals to-go on pre-sale until Tuesday, September 20th.  Some are already sold-out and there's only 7 days left to get them in 2016!  Click here to learn more about Trisha's Healthy Table meals.


3.  Use freezer or pre-packaged food.

Unfortunately, restaurant food is generally not that healthy.  But, if you intentionally cook large batches when you do cook, you can freeze the left-overs.  Then, when you don't want to cook, just eat your frozen meals.

You should also keep the house stocked with packaged foods that do make the cut.  Dr. McDougall foods, Engine 2 and more offer boxed soups, veggie burgers, cereals, breads and more.  Keep the house stocked with good food, pre-packaged food and keep the junk out (you're more likely to be vulnerable to junk food when life is tougher).  Then, it may just be a matter of microwaving soup to get good food in your belly when cooking is out of the picture.


Take Control Now Question  

When do you feel like eating plant-based is really hard?  How do you overcome these challenges?

Click 'comment' below to share your thoughts.

It's not easy for most of us to take care of our health the way we need to. Life gets busy, and sticking to a new, plant-base diet can be challenging amongst career, kids, family and endless amounts of fried and junk food bombarding us at every turn.  If you know someone who wants to eat plant-based to improve their health and has trouble doing it, consider forwarding this email to them.  Hopefully it will help.