Vegan, Plant-Based Food for Camping

Last night I returned from a fun-filled camping trip.  My ladies and I car-camped for a night and set off for hiking and swimming along Scott Mountain trail in Oregon the next day.  As you can see, it was beautiful and a lot of fun with great friends.  However...  

Me, Anna, Jodi and Maggie at the summit of Scott Mountain, Oregon.

Me, Anna, Jodi and Maggie at the summit of Scott Mountain, Oregon.

We made sure we were eating an abundance of whole, plant-based foods to sustain us during our trip (it was more like an adventure really) because traditional, American camp food is crap.

I'm talking traditional hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch and dinner, s'mores for dessert,  scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast and chips and pretzels for snacks.  If you're lucky, there might be some baked beans in there.  

Where are the vegetables!?  The plants?  In these traditional eats?

To incorporate more whole, plant-based meals while camping, try these healthy, plant-based dishes to satisfy your hunger instead.  

Plant-Based Camping Recipes/Easy Meals

Breakfast: Oatmeal.  Bring little baggies filled with regular rolled oats, raisins and cinnamon.  Then, all you need is hot water to pour on top of your pre-made mix (in a bowl of course).  Next, chop up a banana or a piece of fruit for on-top.  This is also an excellent breakfast for a day of hiking.


(Psst.. you don't want to use 'thick' oats when cooking this way. You'll risk having hard, thick oats instead of soft and chewy!).

Lunch:  If you're on the trail, fill your hiking pack with a boxed soup and a baked sweet potato.  If you're hanging around camp with the kids, make veggie-hummus or -avocado sandwiches.  Spread oil-free hummus or 2 slices of avocado on 100% whole-grain bread, and top with sliced cucumber, carrot and lettuce.  Fresh fruit for a side-dish or again, boxed soup.

Snacks:  I brought lightly salted edamame beans, fruit, baked sweet potatoes and boxed soups that I could eat straight from the carton, or warm up on the fire on our camping trip.  Slices of watermelon were perfect in the heat!

Dinner:  Mexican tortilla wraps.  Combine canned beans, canned corn and salsa in a pot and place on the fire until warm.  While this is cooking, warm tortillas on the fire.  Then, simply add the warmed mixture to the tortillas and bam you have dinner (just don't forget your can opener!).  Takes less than 15 minutes. 

In addition you can, heat corn on the cob on the fire.  Leave the husks on, and once it's cooked, eat plain or spread a lime wedge along the corn and top with your favorite seasoning.  Mine is taco or cajun seasoning.  

Marinated veggie skewers are also a great addition and 100% whole-grain pasta with a can of tamato sauce (oil and sugar free) is also easy and quick to make.  

Dessert:  Fresh fruit like watermelon, peaches and seasonal summer fruit are always delightful.  

However, if you're looking forward to making something around the camp fire, try a roasted banana boat s'more.  Slice the length of a banana's peel with a knife length wise and insert a tablespoon of dark chocolate or peanut butter along the banana's flesh.  Close the peel and place on the grill on the fire or on a hot rock.  Open once warm and enjoy directly out of the peel with a spoon or, spoon out onto graham crackers instead of using marshmallows (marshmallows are horrible for you and your kids and ya'll should NEVER eat them!).  Replace all your marshmallows with campfire bananas (they're even sweeter this way!).  

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