Carb Confused? Here's what you really need to know...

Hey Superstar!

Ever suffer from "carb confusion?"  You know like...

  • should you focus on complex vs simple carbs?
  • what are "bad" carbs?
  • should you not eat carbs at all?
  • do carbs turn into sugar which turns into fat?

I hear confusion around this topic ALL the time.

Today, I'm sharing a quick (and silly) video clearing up this carb confusion and giving you the easiest way to know what an "optimal carb" really is.

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I'm really excited for those who joined because they're no longer going to be "carb confused" but more importantly, they're no longer going to be health, weight or diet confused, even over the holidays.

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Onto today's video... 

Once you've watched, be sure to comment so I can better help you in the future...

Take Control Question

What still confuses you about carbohydrates?  Or, tell me one new thing you learned in my silly (yet informative) video today.

Can't wait to see you in the comments.

Love and Leafy Greens,