5 freezer friendly plant-based meals

Freezing plant-based or healthy vegan dinners can make eating healthier easier.  When eating plant-based is easier, and done continually, it's more likely you'll feel less jiggle in your belly.

I love being able to pull out a home-made frozen meal on the nights I need lunch for the next day, but don't want to prep it.

I pop my frozen vegan dinner in the fridge and then by 12pm the next day, it's ready to be warmed in the microwave.

Whether for lunch, dinner or natural disaster, having healthy and delicious, home-made plant-based meals stocked in the freezer can make eating healthier much easier.

Here's 5 plant-based dinners that taste just as good as they did fresh once thawed using Trisha's Healthy Table dinners as an example (Trisha's Healthy Table (THT) sells prepared, plant-based dinners to-go in Columbia, SC to make eating healthy easier.   The chance to get a Spring-Summer, 2017 THT membership with discounted dinners ends on Friday, March 31st).


5 Freezer Friendly Plant-Based Meals

Using Trisha's Healthy Table dinners as examples

1.  Vegetable Lasagna

Trisha's Healthy Table makes lasagna using 100% whole wheat noodles, with roasted veggies, a "beef" marinara and a tofu-based ricotta cheese.  It's one of our member's favorites.  

Vegetable lasagna is perfect for freezing whether it's a four person serving or single size.  

All of Trisha's Healthy Table containers are freezer and microwave safe making it easier to freeze, thaw and eat.  You could use a glass tupperware container at home to do that too.


2.  Soups

I enjoy freezing and then reheating THT's cauliflower soup and lentil soup.  Add cashew sour cream and some nice hearty bread to cauliflower soup, and I have a yummy and refreshing meal.  The lentil soup is so filling, delicious and nutrient dense -- it's an awesome and easy meal to reheat as well.


3.  Meatballs and Sauce

Many plant-based meatballs freeze excellently.  Freeze home-made marinara sauce in a separate container.  Once both are reheated, you can add them to pasta or to hotdog buns to make "meatball subs."


4.  Chili and cornbread

Chili freezes really well and maybe to your surprise, cornbread does too!  To freeze cornbread, tightly wrap it in foil (don't forget to date it) and then place in a sealed ziplock bag or tupperware container.  They store well for 3 months.  To eat, heat in the oven at 350 degrees until warmed through.


5.  Enchiladas

At THT we love layering enchiladas like lasagna and calling it... enchilasagna!  I've frozen this dinner multiple times and it comes out perfect.  Whether you're eating THT's enchilasagna or one you've made yourself, this is one of my freezer favorites.

If you're in Columbia, SC and are interested in having Trisha's Healthy Table cook you dang delicious plant-based dinners, Friday at 11 pm EST is the last day to become a Trisha's Healthy Table member and get discounted dinners for Spring and Summer 2017. 

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