Why you need a decent chef's knife and two recommended knives for the home cook

Without a decent chef's knife in your kitchen, you're almost doomed if you want to eat healthy (unless you're microwaving all of your potatoes and veggies and eating boxed soups which is 100% okay.  And yes, you can achieve great health doing this as long as it's the right foods).  Having a decent chef's knife is the most essential ingredient you can have in the kitchen.

Here's why...

You need a chef's knife to cut well, everything!  -- your favorite veggies for salads and stir-fries, fresh fruit for daily desserts or oatmeals, tofu for marinating, veggies for pizza toppings, sweet potatoes for fries and the list goes on and on and on and on!

If you need some knife motivation or inspiration, here's Trisha's Healthy Table Meals Executive Chef, Erik Hoffman, showing you how to properly dice an onion. 

Here's Chef Erik Hoffman cutting carrots (purple on the outside, orange on the inside and way more fun) for our veggie miso bowl...

Why do you want a decent chef's knife compared to a crappy chef's knife?

You want good chef's knife because they're sharp.  Having a sharp knife is essential so you can dice and slice almost effortlessly.  When your knife is sharp enough, you can cut veggies without almost chopping your fingers off (unlike dull, cheap or flimsy knives) or having to put all of your might into each slice of the knife (again, from a dull, cheap or flimsy knife).  You can more easily make uniform cuts, which will help your food cook evenly and look more pleasing to the eye. 

Chef's knives are also long.  This is important because you have enough knife to cut through winter squashes, cantaloupes, watermelons etc.  Imagine trying to cut through a watermelon with a knife the length of your pointer finger.  It wouldn't work and it would be a big pain in the butt.

So go on and get yourself a decent chef's knife.  It'll make a world of difference in your kitchen and how you prepare healthy, plant-based meals.  

If you need some guidance choosing a good knife that doesn't break the bank, here are two recommendations from Chef Erik (and no, we do NOT receive any kickbacks or perks from sharing these knives with you.  We just want you succeed in the kitchen).

Two chef recommended in-home chef's knives

1.  Suisin Inox Western-Style Gyutou 8.2"

Erik recommends this knife because it's a blend of the best of Japanese and Western style knives at a very reasonable price for the quality.  

The Japanese style of the knife comes through with the shape and thinness of the blade.  It's also made by a reputable Japanese maker.  The Western contributions of the knife are it's stainless steel blade.  This means your knife will stay nicer longer without having to take as much care of it (aka great if you're not a professional chef or knife hobbyist).  

The price?  It's $112.50.  You may think this is pricey, but goof chef's knives can cost thousands of dollars.  Trust me, you don't want a $40 knife.  That being said, this is a steal of a knife, especially for the quality.

2.  Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2" 

This knife is also a combo blend of Western and Japanese knife styles for the same reasons.  It's just a little bit sharper (makes cutting easier), a little bit nicer and a little more expensive.  It's $185 on Amazon.

If you want even more help using a chef's knife, consider a 14 week course with me in Columbia, SC.  Seven classes of plant-based evidence and lifestyle skills and 5 weeks of hands-on cooking, including how to use a chef's knife, over 14 weeks.  Cutting homework included.  Click here to learn more.

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Take Control Now Question

How do you struggle using a knife in the kitchen?  What can Chef Erik and I teach you about knives to make cutting plants easier for you? 

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