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Here's how to get the best experience out of the Optimal Eating Solution mini eCourse.

1.  Follow the course in order, starting with the bonus lessons.  

You can skip right to the Guidelines lesson videos, but the preparation bonuses will provide more context to the main content.

2.  Download and print the "Guidelines Cheat Sheet" to take notes on during the video lessons.  This is also a printable of the Optimal Eating Guidelines.  

3.  Complete the Superstar Missions.

Superstar Missions are my funner versions of homework.  These missions will help you implement what you learned in the lessons.  Knowing how to eat optimally is not the same as actually doing it and if improved health and weight-loss is what you want, you have to put the "work" in.  

4.  Use the "Resources."  

I'm giving you a meal plan and grocery shopping template, over 70 recipes and my nutrition resource guide.  Use these resources in conjunction with the Superstar Missions.  

5.  Watch the bonus video "How to Read Food Labels the Trishy Way."  

My coaching clients say that the module this lesson is in, is one of their favorites.  It combines all the knowledge you learn in the preparation bonuses and the lessons, into more practical use.

6.  Take one week to prepare for a 4 week Optimal Eating implementation challenge.  

After you take one week to prepare (more instructions in the course) then, implement the Optimal Eating™ guidelines for 4 weeks in a row.  This will give you a chance to build new habits and see and feel results which may in turn, motivate you to keep eating optimally.

Have fun learning how to eat optimally!  Once you get the swing of it, it becomes not only second nature, but very enjoyable and delicious (I should know -- I've been eating optimally for 10 years now!).    

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Login website:

Password: G&GoStudent#1


If you have any technical problems or comments on the course, please email me at  Unfortunately, I can't take individual nutrition questions over email. Those are reserved for my clients in my coaching program only.

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