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Feel like you need more help than one hour on the phone and email support to make real and lasting lifestyle changes?  Have you been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, type II diabetes or high blood pressure and are ready to stop this shit in its tracks right now and do what it takes to regain your health? Do you have only one more doctor's check-up for health improvement to be seen until they're putting you on medication?  You're too young for this!  You have too much to give to this world.  You need to Take It Back.

If you're ready to learn how most chronic diseases can be stopped in their tracks, then a "Take It Back Health Workshop" may be just what the doctor didn't order, but should've.  A weekend where you learn all of the most fundamental tools and knowledge to take back your health.  I'll meet you in the comfort of your own home and we'll have a great time (really, this is going to be a joyful and fun experience).  

After a Take It Back weekend, I lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks after years of Weight Watchers and a recent type II diabetes diagnosis. I was so shocked when I ate your food — it was healthy, but it was good! I mean it was really good. And then I was more shocked — I was full! I use to think I just had no willpower when it came to food. It was my dirty little secret but now I know that’s not true. For the first time in a long time I feel I have the ability to truly change my health. You and your husband have a gift — a real knack, for making healthy food taste good.
— Swann Adams, PhD. age 43, Associate Professor, School of Public Health + College of Nursing, U. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Take It Back Two Day Workshop Agenda

Day 1

Session 1:  Understanding the best evidence science has to offer behind chronic disease prevention and reversal.  

We'll review the scientific studies documenting severe heart disease reversal and prevention; weight loss without calorie counting or portion control and medication reduction. You'll fully understand why the nutrition recommendations are structured the way they are after understanding the science (I'll ensure you understand it. It's easier than you'd think).  

You'll also learn what makes certain studies more significant than others and I'll happily answer any questions you may have about nutrition science and contradictory studies or opinions such as carbohydrates being "bad", high-protein diets and why "low-fat" diets don't work. 

1.5 hrs

Body Move Break:    

Together we'll reenergize ourselves after sitting for an hour and a half together in a way that works best for you.  We may go on a walk together, do light stretches or dance our socks off to your favorite tunes.  Or if you prefer moving your body on your own, you can do that too.  

15 minutes

Session 2:  Understanding the dietary recommendations and introduction to meal ideas.  Comes with a recipe packet.

Here you'll learn how to get the results that are documented in the science -- the results you want for yourself.  You'll learn exactly what diet changes and habits are needed to get the results you want.  You'll learn how to structure meals so your full and satisfied at every meal (and you'll learn why this is so important).  You'll learn how to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables every day without going hungry.  You'll learn what common "health" food is in almost everything you eat and how it's impeding on your weight loss, type II diabetes and heart disease reversal goals.  You'll learn how and why certain foods contribute to weight gain even when you're not "overeating."   You'll be pleasantly pleased and surprised to find out why sweet potatoes, potatoes and corn are some of your best weight-loss friends.  You'll understand how you can easily turn most of your favorite dishes into healthy versions that fill you up and taste delicious! 

1.5 hrs

Body Move Break 2:    

Reenergize yourself before we eat.  Again, we'll do whatever is best for you here (even if it's doing something without me!). 

15 minutes

Session 3:  How to cook a 30 minute filling and delicious meal in-line with the evidence and recommendations.

I supply the groceries and recipes, you supply your kitchen.  We'll cook together; you'll learn new cooking skills and techniques you've most likely never tried before and we'll enjoy our meal together.  You'll learn how to properly hold and cut different veggies with a chef's knife and how to sauté without oil and why that's essential for your health goals.

45 minutes

Session 4: Developing your plan of action. 

Here we develop a plan that works best for you to implement the science and diet recommendations at a rate that's right for you.  This will all depend on your goals, level of motivation, cooking skills and support.  We'll decide together if you need a week to prepare (or not) before going for it 100% for 30 days for example OR maybe you need to start adding 3 new meals a week for the first 2 weeks.  

I'll work with you to come up with an action plan that's true to your unique situation while ensuring you understand what results are most likely to happen and how quickly from the different paths available.  We'll also review your completed questionnaire and 5 day food journal that you'll have emailed to me at least 48 hours before our scheduled workshop date (see below for more info).  These forms will also help us devise a plan for how you'll overcome any potential barriers and best set you up for success.

1 hour

Session 5:  How to meal plan.  Creating a plan for the "what, when and how" for your meals

This is an essential skill especially in the beginning of diet change.  It's most likely going to take you more time the first couple weeks to plan and cook meals.  But the exciting news is once you get over that short hump, you'll be on your way to taking back your health and getting closer and closer to a less challenging health state.  

I'll teach you my strategy for meal planning and leave cookbooks with you over night, as well as my recommended recipe websites, to browse and schedule meals.  I'll leave you with the tools and then your Take It Back Practice (a funner version of homework) will be to complete your meal plan and grocery list for the next day to have at our grocery store tour.  

30 minutes

Day 2

Session 6: Q + A

After you've absorbed all the awesome information from day 1, you're sure to have questions and I'll answer them here.  I'll take this time to check in with you and ensure I understand how you're feeling.  I'll provide extra answers, comments and additional resources from topics and questions that came up in day 1.

15 minutes

Session 7:  Understanding whole grains and nutrition labels

It's essential you understand what whole grains actually are; how to identify them on labels and how to understand nutrition labels in the context of our recommendations.  There's 5 essential nutrition labeling rules you need to understand and incorporate into your grocery shopping routine.

15 minutes

Session 8:  Grocery store tour at the grocery store of your choice.  

Learn new products, practice implementing your new nutrition label skills, get all of your product questions answered and purchase foods for your upcoming meal plan (if you like).

2 hrs

What You'll Get From The Take It Back Health Workshop

  • A life-changing and life-saving opportunity to take back your health
  • A curriculum book filled with all of the information we'll review including scientific studies, practical handouts, additional resources and action steps to take to help you implement these new skills and information
  • A recipe book
  • A list of my recommended books, movies, nutrition websites, cookbooks and recipe websites
  • Lunch on me
  • An intro into cooking skills 
  • 8.25 hours of education and 30 days of free bonus support via text and email

Free Bonuses Because You're Worth It

Free bonuses include..

  1. Unlimited email support with myself for 30 days after our workshop ends. This can be a great resource when you have a question while grocery shopping or have a burst of inspiration or an 'aha moment' you'd like to share.  Maybe we'll decide you'll send me a weekly food journal for 4 weeks or maybe you'll have more in-depth questions that are best answered outside of text.  
  2. Up to 3 immediate family members or friends are allowed to join you for all or part of the workshop for free.  Again, I want to see you succeed.  When those around you understand your goals and how you're working towards achieving them, they too can be supportive of you which can increase the chances of you kickin' this shit to the curb!  Although 3 people can join you, the session is all about you and will be tailored to you.  I will not be reviewing everyone's unique situations.  Only yours.  Heads up, there's an additional $5 lunch fee for each additional person joining us due on the workshop date.

Unlimited texting and email support is free because you'll have additional questions and potential road bumps and I want to make sure you're ready to fly on your own no later than 30 days after we meet.  I want to see you succeed!

Financial Value of Free Resources:  $299.99 to $1,474.99 on us.

How to Get Started -- Now

  1. Sign-up here and submit payment online.   
  2. Receive an email from me with instructions (includes scheduling).
  3. Fill-out the attached client questionnaire form that includes a 5 day food journal (no portion measuring) and a consent form.  
  4. Email the two forms back to me at least 24 hours before our appointment (a $10 fee applies for late forms).  
  5. We'll meet on the phone or Skype for 60 minutes at our scheduled appointment time.
  6. Enjoy unlimited email access following our appointment for additional support and guidance.  

Cost: $399.99  To get this same education as personal sessions with me, you'd pay $569.99.  This is a 28% discount.  Plus, you're getting $299.99 to $1,474.99 worth of bonus support, for free!    

Payment plans: Contact me if you need a payment plan.

As a medical doctor, I consulted Trisha regarding specific patients. In one case, an elderly man with inoperable heart disease was on maximum medical therapy. His cholesterol was above 300 and uncontrolled. His cardiologist told him nothing more could be done and to get his affairs in order.

I referred the patient to Ms. Mandes who through her tireless advocacy and education, helped the patient bring all of his lipids well into the normal range, dropping his cholesterol almost 150 points. The cardiologist is now confident that if the patient maintains his diet that he may reverse his coronary artery disease.
— Lauren Titchener, MD, Portland OR

Refunds:  There are no refunds for Take It Back Week Workshops once completed and I cannot 100% guarantee specific results.  A full-refund is available up-to 5 days before our scheduled date. Cancellations after this date will receive a 50% refund.