Here's how you can work with Trisha Mandes, MPHN

Want to get healthier, stronger, leaner and more energized as you age?  Want to eat fabulous food that fuels great health without worrying about "eating too much?"  

Well, it's possible and if that's what you want, you're in the right place.

After a weekend workshop, I lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks after years of Weight Watchers and a recent type II diabetes diagnosis. I was so shocked when I ate your food — it was healthy, but it was good! I mean it was really good. And then I was more shocked — I was full! I use to think I just had no willpower when it came to food. It was my dirty little secret but now I know that’s not true. For the first time in a long time I feel I have the ability to truly change my health. You and your husband have a gift — a real knack, for making healthy food taste good.
— Swann Adams, PhD, age 43, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, U. of South Carolina
My total cholesterol dropped 60 points in 6 weeks and I now fit comfortably into pants I haven’t worn in several years and I’m eating loads of food! Thank you Trisha for your wonderful ideas and support. I wish I’d done this years ago!
— Marcia Mikesh, Architect, McMinnville OR
I had a 70% blocked LAD artery. Trisha advised me on how to change my diet and in two months my cholesterol dropped from 193 to 151. My weight dropped from 206 to 189 pounds. This plant-based eating habit is working well for me and Deb is learning a new way of cooking. I eat as much as I want - of the correct foods. This is no fad crash diet.
— Joel Schmitz, Lutheran Pastor, Portland, OR


A few very important things you need to know about the powerful effects of nutrition...

  • Weight loss is possible without eating less (Mandes, 2014) and without exercising more (Mishra, 2013).  
  • Heart disease has been reversed with diet and lifestyle changes (Ornish, 1998), (Esselstyn, 1995).  The sole use of pills and surgery hasn't shown heart disease reversal in scientific studies.    
  • It's possible to get off type II diabetes meds and your HbA1c to revert and stay below 6%.  

That's what Nutritionist, Trisha Mandes, MPHN and her husband, Chef Erik Hoffman, are here to help you do.  

  • Learn the scientific evidence behind dietary disease prevention and reversal.  

  • Learn how to implement that evidence into your life in and outside the kitchen, in a way you'll love and can stick with for years to come.  

Whether you're local or international, have heart disease or are generally healthy, there's different trainings tailored to your location and diagnoses.  Our trainings will show you how to adopt and and stick-to a plant-based diet to improve your health.  

Every training we provide includes access to the Trisha's Healthy Table Superstars private Facebook group.  Once our trainings is over, you'll still have a support system amongst of group of like-minded people.  You'll have unlimited access to the group forever (or as long as it exists).  I'm also active in the Superstar Facebook group as well.  

our private facebook group that's only accessible to those who've completed one of our trainings.

our private facebook group that's only accessible to those who've completed one of our trainings.

Each training includes a variety of free bonuses in addition to the Facebook group, to increase your chances of success.

Check out our trainings below to see which program is best for you...


Click a program icon to see which training is best for you!

We have 14 week courses and weekend workshops for those with heart disease, type II diabetes and an obese BMI.  We have separate 14 week courses and weekend workshops for those who are generally healthy, but are concerned about their health and weight as they age.  We separate the groups to better suite your needs.  Learn more by clicking a yellow or pink training icon above.

After my Personal Session, I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and my blood pressure is now normal — the doctor cut my medication in half! My mood is better too — I’m happier, calmer at work and I feel healthier. Thank you Trisha. You’ve been extremely helpful with your approach.
— Janice Pfeiffer, Waitress, Las Vegas, 60 years old