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In July my book "Weight Loss for Your Best Life: Even If You Can't Exercise" hit Best Seller status on Amazon for pre-order.  It officially launches on September 20th but here's how you can get a free advanced reader copy of my book before it launches on Amazon....

Join my Book Launch Team :)

Here's what you get and have to do as part of my book launch tribe (or you can listen to me quickly explain in this video)...

What you'll get:

  • a free copy of my book once it's published 
  • a free advanced reader copy before it's available on Amazon
  • a surprise gift in the mail from me
  • a free 2 hr group video call with me where I fully explain my Optimal Eating guidelines for healthy weight-loss and Q & A on Thursday, September 20th at 6 pm, EST
  • my exact process and formula for how I help my clients lose 1-3 pounds a week even if they can't exercise

What you'll do:

  • between September 4th and September 10th, you'll read your advanced reader copy of Trisha's book (it's 120 pages and will take the average person 4 hours to read).
  • submit a review about the book no later than September 11th to Trish (I'll remind you)
  • post your review on Amazon on the book's launch date (September 20th)
  • optional: share your review and encourage others to read the book on social media

As a Trishy Book Launch Team Member, you're helping me create buzz around the book when it launches and in turn, helping more people read it and understand how they can not just lose weight without eating less, but drastically improve their health too, even if they can't exercise. 

This is life-changing stuff!  

Joining my book launch team is a big responsibility and a serious commitment so please be sure you can really fulfill these duties before saying 'yes.'

Ready to join my Book Launch Team? 

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