The five steps that will make you shed pounds with optimal eating

Last night one of my clients shared that she's now down to a size 12 for the first time in 8 years and get this…

Her doctor took her off her Metformin because her A1c went from 7.6 into the non-diabetic range!

She reversed her diabetes from eating optimally in just 8 weeks while running three businesses and life throwing her a major family curve ball.

That's freakin' amazing.

No portion control, no counting calories and no Diet Trap gimmicks. Just yummy and filling optimal food.

Because Optimal Eating is so dang powerful, I wanted to share the exact steps I take my clients through to help them consistently and happily see the scale go down with a sustainable lifestyle change (95% of my clients lose 1-3 pounds a week).

This is how I've personally stayed lean and strong for the last decade too.

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Love and Leafy Greens,