Three Tips to Stop Eating Emotionally

Do you ever reach for treats or food when you're stressed, angry or lonely? If you ever struggle with emotional eating, then today's episode of Take Control Tuesdays was made for you.

I love and use these tips myself as someone who has kept 15-20 pounds off and eaten optimally for 10 years now.

These three tips are really effective (especially the first one) which is why I use them with my clients.

The tips I discuss today are partly why 95% of my clients achieve 1-3 pounds of weight loss per week.

I also mention a free training in today's video that I highly recommend taking if interested in shedding pounds sustainably and getting healthier at the same time. It's called...

"How to Drop Pounds Weekly Without Eating Less, Counting Calories or Popping Pills"

You're welcome to watch that too!

Once you watch today's video answer today's Take Control Now question in the comments...

Take Control Now

Do you ever struggle with emotional eating? Which of these 3 tips will you use to help you do it less?