Do you know you want to live a fuller, more joyous life but you need to lose weight and feel better to get there?

You want to lose weight, not to fit into a size 2, but to decrease your pain and increase your confidence.

You're sick of diets though and you're scared to fail again (I totally understand). Even still, you know you can't settle and that you need to do something different...

...adopt a healthy lifestyle change that actually works for weight-loss and improved health and get real help from a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach you trust.

I'm thrilled to announce that my new group coaching program "The Optimal Eating Community" is designed to help you get just that.

The “O.E. Community” is a group coaching program to hold you accountable to implementing, adopting and falling in love with eating optimally so you can lose 1-3 pounds a week in a healthy, sustainable way (just like my premium coaching clients do!).

In "The Community" you'll learn how to...

- create a sustainable lifestyle change to achieve permanent weight loss and better health with Optimal Eating. There's no counting calories, points, weighing or measuring food. No pills, shakes or special meals to buy. 
- achieve maintainable weight loss without dieting. Amen to that!
- And, you'll get accountability from me to help you implement your new lifestyle change.

What you’ll get as an Optimal Eating Community Member…

  1. Lifetime access to the Optimal Eating Mini eCourse to learn the Optimal Eating Guidelines for Permanent Weight-Loss and Improved Health (aka exactly what to eat and avoid and what to do!)

  2. Three monthly and live group coaching call with me, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach Trisha Mandes, where I teach you an essential habit you need to implement and stick with to reach your weight loss and health goals. Live Q&A included at the end of every call

  3. My eBook for free -- "The Optimal Eating Solution: Maintainable Weight-Loss and Longevity Even If You Can't Exercise"

  4. A monthly ‘action plan’ to implement until our next group call

  5. Accountability for sticking to the action plan each month because information without implementation is useless.

Important details...

  • The group video coaching calls are held the last Thursday of the month 7-8:30 pm, est.

  • 95% of my premium coaching clients achieve 1-3 pounds of weight-loss per week for the first 10 weeks in a row. You can watch their success stories here:

These are the results you can get as a member of The Community!

How to join….

--> Sign-up at this link no later than this Tuesday at 11:59 pm, est. There's only 20 spots!


The investment is $400 lower than it ever will be again because this is the first time I'm running The Community so take advantage!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment, PM me or email me at We can also setup a 15 minute phone call to chat if that's helpful.

In Your Corner,


P.S. Sign-up below to be one of 20 brave women to join The Optimal Eating Community. The investment is $400 lower than it ever will be again because this is the first time I'm running The Community so take advantage!