Is not knowing how to eat vegetarian or plant-based for health stopping you from starting?

You're interested in eating healthier and eating plant-based -- you've tried plant-based meals and to you're surprise, they're good!  You're niece, your nephew and a few in-laws eat healthy vegan (or close to it).  They've lost weight eating plant-based (without counting calories), so you're veg curious.  

You want to make a change and you know plant-based is the right direction, but you're not ready to invest hundreds of dollars, or weeks of your time, to learn what you need to do.

If only someone would just tell you exactly, precisely how to eat plant-based, the right way -- just tell you exactly what to eat, what to eat sometimes (and how to actually do that) and what to avoid.  Throw in some recipes and meal examples too and you'd be set.  Then, you could just get started on your own without making a huge investment but still focus on your health -- losing weight for the long-term in a way you can enjoy and can sustain.

Here's how you can do, just that...  

Introducing the quickest and easiest way to learn how to eat plant-based, or near vegan, for weight-loss and improved health with Nutritionist, Trisha Mandes, MPHN's....


Here's what others have said after getting the same Guidelines and Go information from Trish...

I lost 30 pounds in 7 months and my HbA1c went from 7.4% to 5.6% in just 3 months! I’m no longer diabetic and I’m eating as much as I want (and the food is good!). I have more energy now and I’m more present with my kids. I use to think I just had no willpower when it came to food. It was my dirty little secret but now I know that’s not true. For the first time in a long time I feel I have the ability to truly change my health.
— Swann Adams, PhD. age 43, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and my blood pressure is now normal — the doctor cut my medication in half! My mood is better too — I’m happier, calmer at work and I feel healthier. Thank you Trisha. You’ve been extremely helpful with your approach.
— Janice Pfeiffer, Waitress, Las Vegas, 60 years old
My total cholesterol dropped 60 points in 6 weeks and I now fit comfortably into pants I haven’t worn in several years and I’m eating loads of food! Thank you Trisha for your wonderful ideas and support. I wish I’d done this years ago!
— Marcia Mikesh, Architect, McMinnville OR
I’m down about 27 pounds - close to my goal of 30. We certainly have taken your training to heart and our bodies are showing the results.... thanks for opening our eyes to this lifestyle.
— Rudy Taron, Quality Systems Engineer, McMinnville OR

Here's what you'll get and learn, with Guidelines and Go...

1.  Three FREE Bonus Lessons:

  1. Weight-Loss without Eating Less: Introduction to the Evidence video lesson.  Value $39.  You get it FREE.
  2. What is a Whole, Plant Food video lesson with a downloadable worksheet.  Value $49.  You get it FREE.
  3. Nutrition Labels for Optimal Health: Deciphering Fact from Fiction with a downloadable cheat sheet.  Value $49.  You get it FREE.
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.15.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.22.57 PM.png

          Total value of free bonuses: $137

2.  Four 25 minute video lessons with a downloadable cheat sheet.  Here's what you'll learn in these videos...

  • What foods to eat unlimited amounts, limited amounts and foods to avoid for weight-loss and improved health without eating less.
  • How to structure meals to feel full and satisfied.
  • What food groups and foods are the most filling, yet least calorie dense foods (you'll be excitingly shocked to learn what foods they are because you most likely love them and believe they're best to avoid).
  • Why fruit and veggie diets aren't sustainable for the long-term. 
  • How to eat fruits and veggies every day without feeling hungry or deprived.
  • The difference between a treat and a daily dessert and how to eat them without sabotaging your health.
  • How certain health foods can impede on your results and how to enjoy them without that happening.

Screen shots of the Guidelines and Go Video Lessons

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Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 11.18.34 PM.png

Guidelines and Go also includes....

3.  Four Superstar Missions (aka homework) to help you put that new knowledge into action which includes... 

  • Instructions and downloadable exercises for how to implement the guidelines and how to pick and identify easy meals you can make and enjoy right away.

4.  Resources including Trisha's...

  • Recipe Packet with over 70 of Nutritionist, Trisha Mandes' favorite recipes
  • Meal plan and grocery store tour template
  • Access to a Personal Session with Trisha which is only available to those who've purchased Guidelines and Go or Trisha's 10 week eCourse (you need to understand these fundamental guidelines before we can meet one on one).
  • Nutrition Resource Guide with Trisha's recommended recipe websites, cookbooks, nutrition books, movies and more.

5.  Lifetime membership.  

Many programs only offer limited course access.  Not here.  You have access to the G & Go mini-course as long as it exists.  As the course content gets upgraded (and more expensive) over time, you can keep all of your original downloads and get the new information at no extra cost.

------->>> The Guidelines and Go mini-course is accessed on a hidden website that upon purchase, you'll instantly receive after entering your email in the link sent to you within 24 hours of purchasing.   


Are Guidelines and Go right for you?

Heads up -- this is not a quick fix diet cleanse.  This is how you can eat for long-term results and make life-lasting changes.  

If you want a quick fix weight-loss solution without having to put any work into changing your habits and lifestyle (diet shakes, diet pills, a 7 day fast) then, Guidelines and Go is not for you.  Although it's possible to lose 1-3 pounds a week when the guidelines are implemented fully, for many, adopting new healthy food habits takes time and effort.  Guidelines and Go is here to ensure that you're on the right path when you're ready to improve how you eat.  This program aims to ensure that when you do spend time and energy working on healthier habits, that you're not waisting your time doing this that don't work or, that could be harmful to your health.  Guidelines and Go also isn't for you if you're currently struggling with an eating disorder. 


Ready to get instant access to Guidelines and Go with 3 free bonus lessons?

It's all yours with one payment of $57. 


One payment of $57

Get on the right path eating plant-based for weight-loss and improved health, now.  If not now, when?  What are you waiting for?  You can get the healthy body you deserve and Trisha is here to help.