I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks and my blood pressure is now normal — the doctor cut my medication in half! My mood is better too — I’m happier, calmer at work and I feel healthier. I’m even beginning to exercise a little everyday. My dream is to be slender, healthy and at my ideal weight and I’m now moving in that direction. Thank you Trisha. You’ve been extremely helpful with your approach.
— Janice Pfeiffer, age 60, Las Vegas

I had a 70% blocked LAD artery. Trisha advised me on how to change my diet and in two months my cholesterol dropped from 193 to 151. My weight dropped from 206 to 189 pounds.

This plant-based eating habit is working well for me and Deb is learning a new way of cooking. I eat as much as I want - of the correct foods. This is no fad crash diet.
— Joel Schmitz, Lutheran Pastor, Portland OR

I went to one of Trisha’s events and after was excited... within hours I ordered a package deal and to my surprise, 30 days after our personal session, I lost 24 pounds (while my husband ate ice-cream, chips and candy in front of me). The scale hadn’t moved for me in years. I thought I was eating well. After 3 weeks, I received the best TSH reading I’ve ever had and my blood panel and blood pressure came back better than ever. I have hypothyroidism and I always felt defeated. My weight never moved no matter what I did. Now I see the difference — eating totally healthy moves the scale. Some days are hard but I’m going for this 100%. I want to get my health back. Thank you Trisha so much. I really appreciate you.
— Linda Floyd, age 57, Accountant, Albany OR

I was so shocked when I ate your food — it was healthy, but it was good! I mean it was really good. And then I was more shocked — I was full! And then it came time to eat dinner and I was still full! You and your husband have a gift — a real knack, for making healthy food taste good.
— Swann Adams, PhD. Associate Professor, School of Public Health + College of Nursing, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Thanks to your classes I’m off my cholesterol medication. My granddaughter and I have both lost weight and I feel great! Your classes were thorough, informative and fired with your passion for your work. Thank you!
— Hermie Kann, Retired Home Economics Teacher, Willamette Valley OR

I’m losing 3 lbs. per week thanks to Trisha’s Free Resource Guide. I feel better physically, mentally and I have energy! No more dieting or portion control. I eat all I want of the right foods nature has to offer.
— Faith Clemente, Legal Secretary, Newberg Oregon

I’m down about 27 pounds - close to my goal of 30. We certainly have taken your training to heart and our bodies are showing the results.... thanks for opening our eyes to this lifestyle.
— Rudy Taron, Quality Systems Engineer, McMinnville OR

This is the best meal I’ve had in months.  It’s better than restaurant food and I eat out a lot!
— Linda Campbell, 62 years old, Retired Hospital Administrator, Blythewood SC

As a medical doctor, I consulted Trisha regarding specific patients. In one case, an elderly man with inoperable heart disease was on maximum medical therapy. His cholesterol was above 300 and uncontrolled. His cardiologist told him nothing more could be done and to get his affairs in order.

I referred the patient to Ms. Mandes who through her tireless advocacy and education, helped the patient bring all of his lipids well into the normal range, dropping his cholesterol almost 150 points. The cardiologist is now confident that if the patient maintains his diet that he may reverse his coronary artery disease.
— Lauren Titchener, MD, Portland OR

My total cholesterol dropped 60 points in 6 weeks and I now fit comfortably into pants I haven’t worn in several years and I’m eating loads of food! Thank you Trisha for your wonderful ideas and support. I wish I’d done this years ago!
— Marcia Mikesh, Architect, McMinnville OR

I’ve lost 12 lbs. in 4 weeks from your info and lots of reading... without trying! Just gave up cheese and ice-cream and became more aware of what I put in my mouth.
— Leslie Noe, Graphic Designer + Photographer, McMinnville OR

My husband and I are both down 5 pounds after our first week and don’t miss the oil or animal products like we thought we would. I don’t know if we’ll eat like this forever, but we’re committed to another 5 weeks and are very happy so far. Thanks for your help.
— Tricia, Small Business Owner, OR

I’ve been eating plant-based five days a week and have lost 6 lbs. I’m really enjoying how I’m feeling already. You’ve made a convert out of me. Thanks again for guiding my wife and I to healthier eating
— Jay Andreas, Kohl's Employee, McMinnville OR

I’m fired up about Trisha’s work!
— Dr. Kyle Homertgen, Monroe Health Center, OR

Your food is great. I didn’t think I’d like the gazpacho — I don’t like tomatoes, but that’s good. And the salad is awesome y’all. It’s really good. (Referring to Trisha’s Table plant-based garden caesar salad).
— Victoria Justice, age 56, Department of Justice, Columbia, SC

I attended your demo and was blessed by your commitment to help us do a better job with food. I started implementing that night and have actually lost about 4 lbs as of this morning. We’re in.
My wife is diabetic and she needs me to do a better job cooking and I need to do a better job. I’m blessed by your commitment to help us.
— Rudy Taron, Quality Systems Engineer, McMinnville OR

My immune system is stronger and I have less hip, leg and back pain. I feel healthier and younger everyday since changing my diet with your help. I now have a new love for whole, plant foods. I’m experiencing a great unfolding of my heart and soul. I’m excited because now I’m in charge of my health and I’ve never been before. I’m truly pleased to be eating this way.
— Jerry Stutzman, Retired, Artist, McMinnville OR

I’m going to tell my mom to buy carrots and kale when she goes to the store! I love Kale!
— Ileana and Henry Barsotti, 6 and 3 years old, McMinnville OR

In need of healthy eating inspiration?  I can help.

I now have a new attitude about food. I learned how EASY, colorful, and tasty eating plant-based foods can be. Trisha is a passionate, knowledgeable educator and I highly recommend her services—she makes learning FUN!
— Linda Grove, Retired Medical Transcriptionist, McMinnville OR

My husband and I greatly enjoyed and appreciated your library demonstrations. We learned we didn’t have to count calories and the pleasure of varied vegetable dishes. The next night we had roasted root vegetables, water sautéed mushrooms with spinach and it was enough!
— Cindy V., McMinnville OR

My friend Trisha has the best health videos!
— Ryan Harb, Beyond Sustainability Strategist and Consultant, www.RyanHarb.org, MA

I just started watching your YouTube videos and you’re incredible! You have a great sense of humor and really are very inspirational. I just started eating plant-based and so far so good — I’ve lost 12 lbs. in 21 days.
— Mark Siegel, Certified Public Accountant, Connecticut

I enjoyed your presentation and the wonderful dinner you made. I’m making changes in my eating habits, encouraged by the information you shared. I’m excited to have this support system!
— Katie Kann, Yoga Instructor, McMinnville OR

I’m inspired by your emails, videos, etc. I’ve been moved to eat more whole foods since getting your emails. I even had oatmeal this morning!
— Zan Cook, Owner of Sew Fine, McMinnville OR