One of the Main Principles in Slimming Down WITHOUT Eating Less Food... a Look into Calorie Density

Last night I was listening to the Jackson 5's song "ABC" and the lyrics... "it's easier than 1, 2, 3" reminded me of how easy eating optimally actually can be.

Today I'm introducing the concept of energy density and taking a look at 2 studies that put this principle into use to reduce the amount of calories people ate by eating the same or less weight of food.

Understanding and implementing calorie density is one of the easiest ways to promote weight loss in a healthy way.  That's because the foods you end up eating more of have been shown to be health promoting.  

Another reason I love this principle so much is because when you don't have to count calories or force yourself to eat less, it's a lot easier for most people to ENJOY the process of improving health.

Loving the weight loss process is essential for long-term success.  If you don't like HOW you're losing weight, once you reach your goal, you'll most likely balloon back. 

So, find a process you can enjoy and understand it, to make sure you can lose weight, but keep it off.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the video... just post them in the comments.

Love and Leafy Greens,

Trish (the Dish)

P.S. at the end of the video, a "link" was discussed. Here it is 😉