Two ways your weight may be holding you back in business

Have you ever held yourself back in work or life from being over weight?

Have you ever....

  • worn baggy clothes to hide feeling fat?
  • avoided getting photographed or had others stand in front of you to hide yourself?
  • been grouchy with employees because you don't have energy throughout the day?

Not feeling 100% confident in who we are and how we look is hard.  And it can take a real toll on our health.

The reason I ask is this...

I've shifted my focus to helping female entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve healthy weight-loss now and keep it off long-term.


By coaching them very intensively on how to eat optimally (aka getting healthier than they realize possible to better kick ass in their business and life).  

One reason I'm so excited about this is because I want to see and help women progress in business (and live longer) and not hold themselves back because of their weight and health.

It pains me that weight discrimination is a real thing and that many women won't reach their full potential because they think they have to look a certain way before they can get, have or say "X." 

Others won't let their weight stop them, but fighting through those mental blocks can become very emotionally exhausting.   

The reason I'm telling you this is because...

Even if you're not female or an entrepreneur, there's a good chance you'll resonate with what I continue to write about and get useful info on how to improve your diet and your health.

As my years continue growing this business, how and who I reach will continue to evolve and now is one of those times. I'm so glad you're here for the ride!

Once you've watched the above video, answer today's...

Take Control Now question

How does having extra weight hold you back in your business or life (if at all)?

Answer by clicking 'comment' below.

It's never easy to talk about but the more we do, the easier it becomes to love, accept and take care of ourselves to kick better ass in life and business.

If a friend or colleague needs to hear this message, please share it if you think it will help.

Love and Leafy Greens,