Why You Should Never Believe the Front of a Food Package

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and been completely confused about the claims made on food products?  The covers of products are filled with captivating images and health claims... organic, pesticide free, zero trans fat, 100% of your recommended amount of vitamin C and the list goes on.   

But does that mean a product is truly healthy?  You may think you're making a wise choice, but in reality, you may be wasting your money on food that doesn't support a healthy body or a healthy weight. 

Here is my number one rule to follow when deciphering between fact and advertising on food package covers...

Never believe ANYTHING on the front of a food product.

Ever.  Why?  Because the claims can be very deceptive and misleading.  In today's episode, I give you three examples why.  

For someone without nutritional knowledge, it can be even more difficult to sort through.  So, it's best to look directly at the nutrition facts on the side of the package and completely disregard the front!  The nutrition facts panel is the only place where you'll figure out exactly what is in your food.  


Take Control Now

Does the deceptiveness of food products shock or bother you?  Do you have a useful tip to share when looking at food packages?

Put this knowledge into action and share your thoughts in the comments section below.