Trisha's Top Three Holiday Desserts

Eating dessert is more fun when it tastes delicious AND it’s nourishing to your body.  Do healthy and delicious desserts like this even exist?  But of course!  Dates are blended into a thick paste to substitute sugar, almond meal acts as an egg binder, and peanutbutter and ground nuts contribute fatty and rich tasting flavors.  And let’s not forget mother nature’s number one dessert -- fruit!  

I’ve baked over 10 plant-based desserts this season and these three top my list (even though they aren’t chocolate!).    

 Trisha’s Top Three Holiday Desserts

1.  The pretty party dessert:  Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies by (LOVE her recipes!)

Not only are these cookies healthy, they’re beautiful and delicious.  They're my number one “take to a party” dessert.  I baked these in a Columbia’s Cooking community class and they looked even more beautiful in person.  

2.  Interesting yet yummy dessert:  Chocolate Peanut-butter Cookie Dough Bites by

These cookies are good and are even better the next day, but what really attracts me to these -- chick peas.  This may not sound exciting but the neutrality of the chickpeas binds and blends the chocolate and peanut together just right to make a traditionally not-so-good cookie, oh so good.  They really taste good!  They’re also gluten and flour free for those who avoid those products.  Recipe hint:  flatten the cookies out before baking instead of rolling them into balls to avoid the cookies breaking apart once baked.  

3.  The delicious daily dessert:  Microwaved Baked Apple by (so many great recipes on this website!)

I love this dessert because it’s incredibly healthy, simple, easy and delicious.  It’s a wonderful “daily dessert” and it’s perfect when you’re instantly in the mood for something sweet (and beautiful) to eat at home.  I love cuddling up to this dessert, enjoying how sweetand delicious it is and knowing I’m doing a great service to my body by eating it.  Makes it taste all the better.  Prep time: 5 minutes!

Take Control Now Question

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