13 Plant-Based Sauce Recipe Ideas

Are sauces holding you back in life?  Or a lack of sauces that is, holding you back from eating more fruits, veggies, whole-grains and legumes?

Today, I share with you 13 plant-based sauce ideas that will have you making (or buying) yummy sauces in no time so you can get more healthy, plant-based foods in your belly!

1.  Pasta or pizza sauce.  Buy it or, make it on your own.  

2.  Salsa.  Use as a sauce for rice and bean dish, Mexican meals or as a sauce for tortilla pizzas.

3. "Alfredo" sauce.  Here is a great low-fat raw "alfredo" sauce made from a zucchini and pine nut base (start at minute 3:42 to skip directly to the sauce recipe).  All you need to make this sauce is a blender and it's excellent on zucchini or pasta noodles.  

4.  Cashew cheese sauce.  Use a basic version of this sauce as a base recipe and store in the fridge for 3-5 days.  Then, you can add different ingredients such as roasted red pepper, nutritional yeast or jalapeño pepper to turn this base sauce into a more complex meal.

5.  Tofu-based sauces.  Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you mix it with or marinate it in.  Silken tofu is the type of tofu that is ideal for sauces.  Use it to make traditional white sauces or dressing such as caesar or ranch.  

6.  Hummus sauce.  Make your own hummus (or buy it!) then simply thin it by blending it with a complementary liquid.  Liquids include water, veggies juice or plant milk.  Add this hummus sauce to pastas or toss with a salad as a salad dressing.

7.  Lemon-tahini based sauce.  Lemon and tahini go excellent together and can be used as a salad dressing or a sauce to top baked potatoes or pasta.  Check out one of my favorite recipes here by Cathy Fisher. 

8.  Avocado-based sauce.  Use avocado as the base of a thick, creamy and more fatty tasting sauce.  

9.  BBQ sauce.   Try Cathy Fisher's BBQ sauce here as a sauce for corn on the cob, baked tofu or cauliflower wings.

10.  Creamy mushroom gravy.  I love this gravy by Cathy Fisher but you can make any gravy.  It's amazing on mashed potatoes, tempeh or green beans.    

11.  Honey Mustard Sauce. This is so simple to make.  Just combine stone ground dijon mustard with honey (about 50/50 ratio) and that's it!  I enjoy this on potato salad and it makes eat leafy greens so easy! 

12.  Sweet n Sour sauce.  Use for rice and veggie or Asian style dishes or as a dip for salad rolls.

13.  Peanut sauce.  Same as sweet n sour sauce, use for rice and veggie or Asian style dishes or as a dip for salad rolls.

Take Control Now

Which of these sauces are you most excited to try?  Or, do you have another sauce recipe not mentioned above to share?

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