Seven months ago, I shared the story of an amazing friend of mine, Swann Adams.  

She'd been diagnosed with type II diabetes at the age of 44.  She's the Assistant Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program and a Professor and respected scientist at the University of South Carolina.

Seven months ago I shared her remarkable story of reversing her type II diabetes and losing 17 pounds within 7 weeks.  

Dr. Adams did this without eating less; without counting carbs, points or calories and without exercising more.

She lost weight, improved her health and self-confidence and increased her energy by eating... plant-based.  Which was remarkable because Swann was a meat and cheese lovin' Southern woman.  

But where is she now?  It's been seven months since Swann and I first had our first nutrition training teaching her how to change her diet in a way she could enjoy for months and hopefully years at a time.  

Did Dr. Swann quit her fall off the plant-based wagon and go back to cheesy, beefy lasagna?

The answer -- absolutely not.  Dr. Swann has continued to improve her health, keep her type II diabetes at bay (it's gone!) and has now lost over 30 pounds in 7 months after 20 years of failed Weight Watchers.

Swann is truly an amazing person.  In today's Take Control Tuesday episode, I interview Swann and ask her...

  • What the hardest part about changing her diet was initially, and what's the hardest part now.
  • How she handles dinner as the primary cook in her family now that she eats plant-based and her family doesn't and..
  • how she makes cooking plant-based quicker in the kitchen. 

Dr. Swann also discusses how my nutrition training with her was paramount to her successful health improvement.  

Which leads me to an important announcement if you're interested in learning how I can teach you everything I taught Swann and more to help you make 2017 one of your healthiest...

I've officially opened my first online course "Trisha's Mandes Plant-Based Nutrition and Cooking eCourse for Weight-Loss and Improved Health."  This way I can help anyone, just like I did Swann, no matter where in the country they are, including you. 

Registration for the comprehensive online course has been extended by one week giving you an extra 7 days to decide if you're ready to learn how to eat healthy and love it to get strong and lean with me helping you every step of the way.  Registration now ends Thursday, January 26th, 2016.

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Back to Swann....

Once you watch today's episode with my most recent interview with Dr. Swann Adams, please comment.  Swann and I both want to hear from you...

                                                             Take Control Now Question

1.  What's one thing you can start implementing into your life based on what you learned in today's interview?

Can't wait to hear from you in the comments section.  Email me anytime with any questions at trisha@trishshealthytable.com

Love and Leafy Greens,


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