How to Make Berry-Chocolate "Ice-Cream"

Eating a plant-based diet doesn't mean you have to be deprived of mouth-watering dessert.  Today I'm going to show you how to make a dessert that doesn't only taste AMAZING, it's incredibly good for you too!  So bring on the dessert baby... every day, multiple times a day.  When it's berry-chocolate banana "ice-cream", there's no shame in dessert!

Berry-Chocolate Banana "Ice-Cream"


frozen chunks of 1 really ripe medium banana *

3/4 C mixed frozen berries

2 tbl cocoa powder

1 tsp cinnamon

4 chopped dried dates **

1/2-1 C almond milk (or any plant milk)

Heads up:  you can do this with any blender, however, if you have a low-powered, 'normal' blender, you'll need to continuously stop the blender throughout the blending process.  Stop it, move the contents around and start blending again.  If you need, add small amounts of plant milk (or the liquid from soaking the dates if you had to soak them) to help blend.  The goal is to get the ice-cream as thick as possible so it has that familiar texture.  The more liquid you add, the more like a 'milkshake' it will be.


Place banana, berries, cocoa, cinnamon and chopped dates in a blender.  Start by adding 1/2 C of plant milk.  Begin to blend (read 'heads up' above) and add more plant milk as needed until thick, smooth and creamy.  Top with fresh fruit or a tablespoon of walnuts or hazelnuts.

* How to freeze the banana:  Peel the banana and slice the banana into 1/2-1 inch pieces.  Freeze in a zip lock bag or a thin tupperware container.

** Dried dates can sometimes be hard when you buy them, especially in bulk.  If they're hard, soak them in a covered, small dish of luke warm water for a few hours.  Then chop into tiny pieces.  You can also use this date liquid in your ice-cream.  

Blender Recommendation:

This is the strongest, inexpensive blender I've found and I love it!  It's perfect for banana ice-cream and more:  'The Master Prep Ninja' $39.99 from your local Bi-Mart store.

Take Control Now Question

What are your favorite banana ice-cream flavors, ingredients or toppings?

Answer by clicking 'comment' below.  Share your thoughts so we can get inspired to start eating more delicious and healthy dessert!

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