3 Ways to Feed an Omnivore Vegan Food

How can you show people who LOVE eating animal foods multiple times a day that plant-based food can be delicious without turning them off?

Maybe you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and would LOVE to serve some healthy and delicious plant-based foods but are worried about how that would 'go over' with the omnivores.

Or, maybe you just want our husband to eat more fruits, veggies and whole-grains!  

No matter what your motive, here's 3 ways you can get an omnivore to eat healthy and delicious, vegan food.

1.  Cook familiar vegan foods.  This means pasta salads, bean chile with corn bread, hummus with pita bread and veggies, fruit salad, garden salads, veggie and bean soups and stews.

Your husband has most likely eaten 'vegan' food before but doesn't think of it that way.  Pasta primavera or marinara is pretty typical and so are garden salads and vegetable-barley soup.

Serve him something traditional and not intimidating like a piece of tofu shaped as a fish and you'll be fine.

2.  Make food that tastes amazing!  Don't serve boiled potatoes or over-cooked, mushy broccoli.  Make a recipe you know tastes and looks amazing.

Even better, keep a stash of recipes specifically for impressing others (I'd call this recipe folder 'Recipes that "Woo"').  That way, when you head to a pot-luck, church gathering or are having the in-laws over for dinner, you can easily go-to and make a 'recipe that woos'

3.  Don't call it vegan.  Or even talk about the fact that there's no meat in it.  That in itself may turn someone off from trying it.  Don't make a scene and just let them enjoy the food.  The food will speak for itself .

Here are recipes (some are fitting for Thanksgiving too) that I've served to omnivores (some pretty hardcore ones too!) that were enjoyed:

Creamy mushroom gravy by Cathy Fisher

Mashed sweet potatoes by Trish the Dish (yes that's me!)

15 Minute Black Bean Chile in Dr. Esselstyn's book, 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease' (this has been a huge hit with my different families!)

Cranberry Sauce by Cathy Fisher

Banana Ice-Cream by Trish the Dish

Fast Cookies for School Lunches found in the first Forks Over Knives book

Take Control Now Question

How do you successfully feed your husband (or other loved ones) vegan meals?  Have any tips or questions to share?

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