The #1 habit change for long-term weight loss

Today I share the #1 habit change needed for long-term weight loss. It's the first thing I teach my premium coaching clients to do after we've put their Optimal Eating Plan in place. That's how important it is.

If you want to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle change to lose weight and keep it off, today's Take Control Tuesday episode, is for you.

Not only do I share the #1 habit change to make and how (and give you an assignment a the end so you can implement it), but I also share why behavior change is so important, according to the research.

In fact, you'll learn the published harms of taking diet pills and their effectiveness compared to behavior change for healthy weight-loss (and I tell ya what... it ain't pretty).

Remember, you're WORTH this change and you can get the healthy body you DESERVE.

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Implement today's #1 behavior change by 'sanitizing your environment.' Comment below and share, when you’ll clean out your kitchen and office?